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KRD Lifting Design Services

Welcome to KRD Lifting Design Consultancy

If you have an unusual or unique lifting problem our team of talented
designers are able to design a custom lifting solution.

KRD Lifting Design ConsultancyWhatever your application we can design lifting equipment to your specifications, and to a range of standards: DIN standards, American standards and DET Norske Veritas Marine specification.
No project can be too big or small, this can be as simple as a single spreader beam, connection detail, section sizing or a more complex solution to lift an out of balance load with multiple lift points requiring an array of lifting beams in a purpose designed lifting rig.

Our designs also allow us to optimise the use of materials used and their associated carbon emissions, by enabling optional designs to be compared using the database of embedded carbon and production process energy consumption. We use sophisticated CAD design software to ensure our products are designed and built to the highest standards and conform to all relevant regulations and design standards. At KRD Lifting Design, it is not just about providing a quality service; it is also about understanding your needs.

Our ‘In House’ lift design & drawing office provide tailor made solutions across all our business lines that meet your requirements associated with today’s demanding environment. It is this dedication to understanding your needs that have been the ‘cornerstone’ of our continued success.

The health & safety of the workplace has become increasingly important as industrial systems and tasks have become more complex. Changes to UK and EU legislation which enforce risk assessment and reduction require that the designers of industrial, commercial and retail systems take account of the needs and capabilities of users from the earliest stages of system development. KRD Lifting provide a range of services to support the development of safe, useable workplaces and equipment that suit the needs of the entire user population.

  • Hooks
  • Lifting Beams & Frames
  • Lifting Grabs & Automatic Grabs
  • Materials Handling
  • Monorail Systems & Runway Beams
  • Loose Lifting & Rigging Tackle
  • Davit Cranes
  • Goliath Cranes
  • Lightweight Underslung Cranes
  • Overhead Crane Gantries
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Swing Jib Cranes
  • Wind Turbine Lifting Equipment

Whatever you require our specialist lifting design team is here to help. Just ask.


Contact us today 07541 195 804 or email: enquiries@krdliftingdesign.co.uk